Marisa Tomei

Actress Marisa Tomei says stripping on screen is weird

Marisa Tomei is an American actress. She acted in many films like Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead and The Wrestler and many more.

Recently, Marisa Tomei has acknowledged that it can be challenging to strip off for on-screen roles.

The actress told Parade: “I’m uncomfortable with exposing myself. But in these films I think what I did was appropriate and I’m proud of it. Actually, I’m concerned with a lot more than how my body looks.”

Marisa Tomei
Marisa Tomei

She continued: “I just find it really hard to watch myself in general. But being nud£ was weird. And now I’m seeming like the actress who does that, which wasn’t my intention.”

Actress also said that, “It’s really good for your core strength, I have a travel hoop. You can twist it in half but it’s adult size, not like a little kids hula hoop.”

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